1. Cool musical thingy-ma-bob in the Herald Square train station

    Cool musical thingy-ma-bob in the Herald Square train station

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Hello there victims of the metropolitan transportation authority. As you know, in New York, it is inevitable to ride the subway or hop on a bus from time to time. In a city of eight million people and a crap load of pot holes, who wants to drive? Besides that, taking the good ole’ public transportation is a sure way to rack up a few good stories to tell around the dinner table. There are lunatics galore in New York City and somehow every one of them seems to wind up on your train or bus. We know you know what we are talking about; the smelly bum peeing in a corner, the screaming baby sitting right behind you as you nervously eye the freak singing along to Britney Spears, dreading the possibility of him ending up next to you...yeah, you've seen him!

We know you will relate, and maybe we have seen each other, shared the same subway car, or perhaps even told the same crazy story to our friends on the very same night. So, here you are fellow public transportation users; enjoy the madness on The MTAniac!